In Staff Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

A recent survey in New Zealand has found that time-wasting workers are blowing $11.9 million in wages every year, according to the One News website.

Kiwi workers admitted to spending just over an hour every day (one hour, nine minutes) on activities that waste their time and effort, as found in a Productivity Pulse survey.

In fact, a whopping 87 per cent of respondents said that they could be more productive at work, revealing a huge opportunity for more work activity potential in organisations.

Not only did the workers say that they could be more productive, the survey also revealed how they thought they might be more motivated to spend their time more wisely on work activities.

They said that the main obstacles were poor staff management and a lack of recognition or rewards in the workplace.

Studies such as this one highlight just how important employee surveys are for first understanding the work culture of an organisation, and then moving to make changes where they are needed.

New Zealand organisations can easily see that a few simple rewards or recognition programs could significantly boost productivity in the workplace, for example.

Once the survey has been completed, and if there are unsatisfactory results found – such as your employees wasting 13 per cent of their working day – further action can be taken to improve workplace behaviours and processes.

Survey software can be designed to garner this kind of information for a business, and it can be done anonymously when the subject matter might cause the employees to stretch the truth about their real workplace productivity levels.

If you think there may be ingrained bad habits in your company, there is a way to find out.

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