What is a Stay Survey?

A Stay Survey consists of a series of questions a HR and/or Line Manager sends to current employees in order to measure how employees are feeling about their job roles, career path and the organisation in general.

Stay surveys are generally used to determine the reasons why your ‘key’ people or ‘top’ performers might leave your organisation and they can have a strong focus on how company policy, practices and culture can be improved.

Stay Survey’s enable organisations to identify and remove any roadblocks in the way of your key employees performing to their best.

Why run a Stay Survey?

‘To avoid being left with poor performers, employers must take stock now of the valuable talent likely to jump ship when the employment market picks up’, says the national director of psychometric consulting company SHL, Stephanie Christopher.  ‘Individual engagement levels are a key thing to monitor when determining whether high performers are likely to stay or go’, says Christopher.

A Stay Survey can help you determine the reasons why your key people are staying with your organisation and they can also be used to understand what key triggers will cause key people – those in positions of importance, leadership or operational/business risk – to want to leave.

Many organisations use the stay survey to ‘quiz’ their top performers to pre-empt their leaving. Stay Surveys can help remove gut feel regarding what keeps your star performers happy and focuses on helping you establish:

  • Why key talent stay, what they like and what they want improved.
  • Which employees might be at risk and what can be done to prevent their possible departure.
  • Who your competitors are and why they are attractive alternatives in the eyes of your key people.

Asking questions regarding how you can assist someone to perform at their best makes people feel valued and important, which often engenders stronger loyalty and commitment to the organisation.

A Stay Survey can also help determine how engaged your employees are by assessing how they feel about their careers, specific job role and work in general.

A Stay Survey’s objectives are:

  • To obtain a snapshot of specific employee’s satisfaction levels;
  • To identify any issues or potential problems as they occur;
  • To potentially identify employees who are ‘at risk’ of resigning and address the issues to prevent their departure;
  • To identify any areas that are preventing employees performing to the best of their ability;
  • To provide another mechanism for feedback, which employees value; and
  • To provide valuable insight to help proactively address issues affecting employee morale and retention.

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Easily identify star performers that may be at risk to leave your organisation – and seek their ideas on how to enhance their engagement levels and remove any roadblocks.


Staff Stay Survey - are you utilising your talents

Do your star performers feel like they are fully utilising their talents?  We help you identify exactly what you can do to ensure they are.

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Your Own Dedicated Project Manager

Our Project Managers have extensive experience in the set up and delivery of best in class stay survey solutions.  We make it easy for you to get set up in no time.

14 different report types - all updated in real time

Quickly reveal key strengths or weaknesses, or filter results by gender, location, department, or whatever variables interest your organisation.

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When it comes to your survey branding we give you the ultimate choice. Mirror the exact look of your website, co-brand with the PeoplePulse logo, or 100% PeoplePulse branded. Your call.

Proven Stay Survey Questionnaires

Utilise our proven stay survey templates, or bring your own questions, or use a mix of both.

Automated invites and reminders

Upload recipient e-mails to our system to trigger survey invites and reminders. Invite by email, SMS, QR code, intranet or paper – or a combination of all.

Regular Health Checks

Your dedicated Project Manager will check in regularly to review your account, ensure your objectives are being met, and look for opportunities to optimise your feedback process.

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Trusted by over 1,000 organisations since we were established in 2003, PeoplePulse combines the very best in online survey software & reporting with your own Project & Account Manager – with you every step of the way. Survey reporting experts from our Insights Division can even prepare, present and workshop your results for you, so you can free up your time to focus on implementing the insights you’ll gain.

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