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In Focus: Employee Experience & Engagement

The HR Experts Network “Employee Experience & Engagement” survey results are in, and they’re jam-packed with insights into HR trends and practices across A/NZ.

For example: 70% of respondents said they’ve started or are well into their Employee Experience (EX) journey, and have told us the specific results they’re trying to achieve … but how many are even measuring those results?

And what about Senior Leadership buy-in?

That’s why we’ve created this free webinar for HR professionals in A/NZ, so we can share and discuss the results, including:

  • How do you get started with EX?
  • How do you measure the impact of EX?
  • What are the “quick wins” that can get you some results early?
  • No time or no buy-in? What to do …
  • What are HR professionals across A/NZ are saying their biggest challenges, and most effective initiatives, are?

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Our Happy Clients

  • I can't recommend the PeoplePulse software enough. The software is first-class and the people behind it are equally so!  

    Lisa Polmear
    Lisa Polmear Customer Insights and Strategies
  • Quinntessential were chosen to provide online exit surveys for the department as their product and services were excellent value for money. Their staff have been a pleasure to work with - responsive, efficient and helpful. The survey itself and reporting features are comprehensive and flexible.    

    Ann Wright
    Ann Wright Manager, Organisational Development Branch
  • I would like to say how much I have appreciated my Project Manager's expert assistance and advice over the past couple of years. In fact, the support provided by all Quinntessential staff I have had contact with has been exemplary, and as a result I have no hesitation in recommending the PeoplePulse survey tool to other HR areas.  

    Denise Burton
    Denise Burton A/g Assistant Director, Workforce Strategies
  • I have been very happy with PeoplePulse and all the people I have worked with while setting these surveys up. Would expect to continue using this system well into the future.

    Leigh Watkins
    Leigh Watkins HR Administrator
  • As a late comer to the evaluation component, I am extremely impressed with the level of service to accommodate a large number of individual agency requirements. Many thanks to a great team at PeoplePulse.

    Suzie Leonard
    Suzie Leonard Tasmanian State Service (People Directions)
  • Excellent product, able to get some good data from it from which we can build our improvement programs.

    Fiona Bridge
    Fiona Bridge HR Programs Manager
  • Extremely impressed with the outstanding customer service that is provided when learning and implementing the survey tool. My queries are attended to straight away via phone or email.   The tool itself is so easy to use and you do not need to spend hours of analysis as you may have experienced with other survey tools. On the user end its very user friendly to navigate and looks very professional.

    Diane Jaksa
    Diane Jaksa HR Manager

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Security at PeoplePulse:
Protecting your information is our primary focus!

ELMO (our parent company) has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification. This demonstrates our commitment to security at all levels of the business and that security is a core ongoing and evolving aspect of our business operations & services.

At PeoplePulse we understand that our solutions play a key role in helping our clients manage their most important resources – their people and their customers. Our clients trust us with their employee and customer information and we take this responsibility seriously.

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Why you’ll love us

The very best support and advice

With PeoplePulse you’re assigned your very own Project Manager whose role is to do all the heavy lifting for you. They will hold your hand throughout the end-to-end feedback process to ensure you get the insight you need to make great decisions. 

+ Powerful online survey functionality

We get it. When it comes to online surveys, you need your survey software to do all the basic things well. Great looking surveys, persuasive invites and reminders, clear and insightful reports. PeoplePulse does all this and much, much more.   Discover More  


Successful online survey projects require
more than great survey software

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Are you still relying too much on Gut Feel?

Research shows 1 Source: Accenture survey, February 2010, ‘Weak Analytics Capabilities Hindering Companies’ and Governments’ Decision-Making Abilities’.  that 40% of major business decisions are still based on ‘gut feeling’ that is often flawed.  That’s where we can help – PeoplePulse helps our clients to grow their business faster by providing access to both the tools and expertise to help them make better business decisions.

Using the dual approach of collecting actionable feedback from both staff and customers, PeoplePulse provides data-driven insights to organisations to help them achieve up to 30% annual revenue growth and 40% reduction in staff turnover.

Do you know why your staff are leaving your organisation and what you can do to improve retention?

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You should.

Do you know what your customer NPS® score is and how it’s changing over time?

You should.

Do you know how many of your staff are actively engaged and committed to do their best work?  You should.

Do you know why your customer churn rates are rising? You should.

There’s no need to play Russian roulette with key business decisions when you’re surrounded by actionable analytics from PeoplePulse.

Making key decisions based on gut feel alone is not a scalable, consistent, or smart long term approach. Without the support of quality data, decisions can lack context as you have nothing to correlate them to other than your own historical experiences.

Often the best decisions require a wider perspective.

Research of 20,000 new hires showed that 46% had failed and left within 18 months[2]Source: In 2012 consulting firm Leadership IQ announced it had tracked 20,000 new hires over time and discovered that 46% of them had failed within 18 months.  . Unfortunately those hiring decision failures are costly – studies show staff turnover can cost a business up to 2-3 times an employee’s salary when all direct and indirect costs are considered.

At PeoplePulse we help you to act on data-driven insights, not hunches alone. Indeed our clients use the insight we provide as a way to inform their intuition, allowing them to make decisions with confidence.

Asking your staff and customers for feedback regularly and in a professional way will deliver you a rich vein of actionable insight to help drive your business forward and stay ahead of your competitors.

Collecting feedback and acting on the results doesn’t have to be a huge time investment.

It is not a huge financial investment.

But it does deliver a huge RETURN on investment.

Learn more about some of the ways we can help you.

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Mobile - dining experience - PeoplePulse survey

When 1 in 4 survey responses come from mobile devices …

… it’s time to take your mobile research efforts seriously. What you ideally need is a solution that:

  • allows for a responsive design template that automatically detects what device you’re using,
  • offers in-built SMS invites and reminder capabilities,
  • has question types that work with both fingers and mouses,
  • and is supported by expert Project Managers to put everything in place for you.
Thankfully that’s exactly what we deliver.

Haven’t Optimised Your Surveys for Mobile Devices Yet?

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Since 2003, PeoplePulse has delivered custom Employee and Customer surveys for over 1,000 organisations in A/NZ. Our project-managed solutions include expert advice, powerful reporting options, and client-branded invites & questionnaires.

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