A service tailor-made for those clients that do not have the time or inclination to produce survey reports themselves.

The PeoplePulse Report Insights Division gives you the option to engage one of our independent third-party consultants to identify insights and prepare custom reports specifically matched to your requirements.

Clients typically turn to the Report Insights Division when they:

  • Are resource poor – a great solution if you do not have the in-house experience or resources to manage the report generation process.
  • Have time constraints – perfect for when you need to get your reports out quickly after your survey closes.
  • Value an independent third-party – engaging an independent third-party to do your report analysis removes any inherent bias and helps ensure a balanced assessment of your results.
  • Want to glean more insights – when you have a mountain of data and value another perspective, our specialist consultants can help you find the hidden gems of insight to keep you firmly focused on the issues that really matter.

The PeoplePulse Report Insights division are experts in:

  • Uncovering the key insights from your survey that will help you drive important changes within your business.
  • Presenting your survey data in the best light to clearly communicate it to your stakeholders.
  • Creating professional presentations that ‘tell a story’ in a meaningful and interesting way for your audience.

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“We got the survey data out to leaders much more quickly than we have previously, leading to much better action planning and better business results.”

– Padam C., Stellar

Custom Report Example:

The Organisational Comparison Report is a special dashboard that is set up for you by the PeoplePulse Insights Team. The aim of the Report is to provide each level within your organisation with a dashboard that shows year on year comparison between different related entities.

For example, Store or Branch Managers can see how their engagement score compares to the engagement score of other Stores or Branches within their Zone or State. On the same dashboard, Store or Branch Managers can also quickly see the areas they need to work on to improve their Store or Branch’s engagement.

How this helps you:

At every level of your organisation, Management can quickly discern where performance issues exist and also where the success stories lie. The report helps you to:

  • Easily identify non-performing areas,
  • Buddy up non-performing Managers with peers who are excelling to learn their secrets,
  • Move managers around the organisation to improve situations,
  • Provide a transparent snapshot to management of their relative performance.

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