There’s a new way to recognise your employees.

‘Lack of recognition’ is frequently cited as a major weakness in many organisations’ employee engagement survey results.

There’s so much to gain from getting it right! Companies that score in the top 20% for building a recognition-rich culture have: (1) Source: Josh Bersin, Deloitte

  • 31% lower voluntary employee turnover rates
  • 15% better customer ratings
  • 21% better productivity
  • 37% less absenteeism
  • 22% higher profit

Together with your dedicated PeoplePulse Project Manager, you can easily launch an automated 3-Step Employee Recognition Survey to help turn any perceived ‘Recognition’ weakness into a strength.

PeoplePulse Employee Recognition Surveys:

  • Enable your employees to nominate their colleagues for outstanding performance or for demonstrating your company values.
  • Automatically forward the nomination to the nominated employee’s immediate manager for review, comment and approval.
  • Notify HR if the nomination is approved, and deliver a personalised ‘Letter of Congratulations’ and/or certificate to the nominated employee.

In the event of the nomination being rejected, you can even set up an alternative notification, with the option of capturing the manager’s reason for the rejection.

Best of all?

The system is easy to implement and automated – with scheduled email reports that help you keep a track of it all.

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What you receive:    

Your Own Dedicated Project Manager

Our Project Managers have extensive experience in the set up and delivery of best-in-class survey solutions. We make it easy for you to get set up in no time.

14 different report types - all updated in real time

Quickly reveal salient insights and trends, or filter results by gender, location, department, or whatever variables interest your organisation.

Complete branding flexibility

When it comes to your survey branding we give you the ultimate choice. Mirror the exact look of your website, co-brand with the PeoplePulse logo, or 100% PeoplePulse branded to reinforce the involvement of 3rd party experts. Your call.

Proven Templates - customisable to meet your needs

Implement our proven 3-Step Staff Recognition Survey templates, bring your own questions, or use a customised mix of both.

Automated invites and reminders

There’s many ways to distribute the links to the survey: via monthly emails/SMS, on your public website, internal intranet, QR codes, or as hyperlinks in employee signatures (watch the video above to see this example).

Regular Health Checks

Your dedicated Project Manager will check in regularly to review your account, ensure your objectives are being met, and look for opportunities to optimise your feedback process.

Why Choose PeoplePulse?

Trusted by over 1,000 organisations since we were established in 2003, PeoplePulse combines the very best in online survey software & reporting with your own Project & Account Manager – with you every step of the way. Survey reporting experts from our Insights Division can even prepare, present and workshop your results for you, so you can free up your time to focus on implementing the insights you’ll gain.

Trusted by over 1,000 organisations since 2003:


What our clients are saying:

Great working with your Project Manager, she has been very accommodating and adds value where ever she can.


– Medibank
You have been great! You are able to assist when needed and respond quickly! It is a pleasure to work with you!


– Liverpool City Council
Service and communications from PeoplePulse has been excellent. Many thanks!


– Allianz

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