Research shows that spending on corporate training grew by 15%  last year.  And according to the ABS net direct expenditure by employers on structured training averages $458 per employee per year.


So when thousands of dollars are spent to upskill your workforce each year, how do you know if that money was well spent?

A structured training evaluation process can help.  A well run feedback program can help you to make refinements that improve training for future participants and verify that your training program is adding value.

The main benefits of a training evaluation program include:

  • Helps you to identify your training program’s effectiveness, so improvements can be made immediately,
  • Quickly highlights the most effective trainers and most valuable content areas,
  • Helps measure if training objectives were met and links the training to specific outcomes,
  • Helps you ascertain the relationship between the learned knowledge and the transfer of knowledge to the work place,
  • Helps determine if actual training outcomes are aligned with the expected outcomes.

When more than 70% of organisations indicate that “capability gaps” are one of their top five strategic challenges, it’s vital that a strong training evaluation and measurement system is in place.

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Training Evaluations

We’ll work with you to deliver the insight you need
to improve your training initiatives.



Insightful charts and graphs that clearly depict
strengths and weaknesses by course or facilitator.

What you receive:    

Your Own Dedicated Project Manager

Our Project Managers have extensive experience in the set up and delivery of best in class Training Evaluation Survey Projects.  Their role is to ensure your survey runs in an efficient and effective manner from start to finish.

14 different report types - all updated in real time

Easily identify strengths or weaknesses in your L&D program. Filter results by course, trainer, location, department, or whatever variables interest.

Mobile Ready

When your trainees are often away from their desk in remote locations, it pays to have a mobile and tablet-ready feedback solution to ensure you can receive instant feedback while still fresh in the trainee’s mind.

Proven Training Evaluation Questionnaires

Utilise our proven training evaluation survey templates, or bring your own questions, or use a mix of both.

Automated invites and reminders

Easy to upload recipient e-mails to our system to trigger survey invites and reminders. Invite by email, SMS, QR code, intranet or paper – or a combination of all.

The option to pre-load respondent data

Why waste your staff member’s time by asking them to complete pages of demographic data? PeoplePulse lets you pre-load that infomation. Your survey will be shorter, and you will be able to filter your reports by any data you pre-load.

Why Choose PeoplePulse?

Trusted by over 1,000 organisations since we were established in 2003, PeoplePulse combines the very best in online survey software & reporting with your own Project & Account Manager – with you every step of the way. Survey reporting experts from our Insights Division can even prepare, present and workshop your results for you, so you can free up your time to focus on implementing the insights you’ll gain.

Trusted by over 1,000 organisations since 2003:


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We have received great service so far from PeoplePulse and would not hesitate to recommend or use them again.


– Transpower NZ
Excellent customer service – I always knew where my project was at any given time….well done!


You went above and beyond to meet a very tight survey timeframe. You were accessible when required and offered excellent improvement tips on the actual survey questions.
I would happily promote PeoplePulse. Great job guys.


– Peoplebank
Brilliant effort in meeting the very short timeframe we set down.


– The Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts

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