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General Research:

  • Buying Online Survey Software – 5 Key Things to Consider – Is your data hosted locally, or off-shore? And why is this important?Data stored in an offshore cloud environment may move across multiple foreign jurisdictions, each with its own set of rules…
  • Survey Response Rates – Tips On How To Increase Response Rates – PeoplePulse recently conducted phone-based research of current PeoplePulse clients to establish the survey response rates that they are receiving for their various research projects. The results are documented here.
  • Selecting Your Survey Provider –  Decision Time – In the world of online surveys, the software providers typically fall into one of two categories – self-service providers and full service providers. One of the key differences with a full service provider is that they offer a ‘total project solution’ …
  • What is Net Promoter Score® (NPS)? – Net Promoter Score is a customer loyalty metric created by Fred Reicheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix in 2003. It is based on the perspective that every company’s customers can be placed within three types.


Staff Feedback Research:

  • Employee Engagement Surveys – All You Need To Know: A one-stop guide to all you need to know to plan, run, and benefit from an Employee Engagement Survey.
  • A Complete Guide to Staff Pulse Surveys – Your ultimate resource covering what Staff Pulse Surveys are, why they should be used, incl. advantages, disadvantages, tips, statistics, and how to use them successfully.
  • Employee Onboarding – The Ultimate Guide.   Find out what successful employee onboarding looks like, why it’s so important, and read examples of what other organisations are doing well.
  • Successfully Onboarding Your New Hires – The 7 Proven Secrets to Successfully Onboarding Your New Hires – Employee turnover is costly; according to experts at ERE Media, it can cost up to 400 times an employee’s annual salary to replace them…
  • Staff Engagement Surveys – How Often Should You Run Them? – Organisations often seek our opinion regarding the ideal frequency for running a Staff Engagement Survey. Although the question is simple, getting the answer right can in many cases influence whether …
  • The Case for a Staff Skills Audit Understanding Today, So You Can Plan For Tomorrow –  Do you have statistically valid evidence of the current skill sets of your workforce?…
  • Workplace Bullying – Bullying, it seems, does not only occur on school playgrounds. The workplace is increasingly becoming an environment in which bullying is rife; and as with cases at schools, incidences of bullying are often undetected, unreported, and remain unaddressed. In this article we look at bullying in the workplace …
  • Staff Turnover – Improving Staff Retention – Although staff retention rates are a major concern amongst many of today’s HR leaders, there are some who still find the real causes of high staff attrition rates harder to pin point than the culprit in a classic Agatha Christie murder mystery.
  • Stay Surveys – Establishing Why People Stay In Their Jobs – Many firms use exit interviews to find out why people leave their jobs. Wise firms add post-exit interviews to that strategy to get a less “emotionally” charged answer to the question of “why people leave”. Both tools have a fundamental weakness however…they come too late..
  • Employee Engagement – Employee engagement has gained the attention it deserves but little progress has been made at the coal face with an ongoing Gallup study reporting that: only 26% of the U.S. working population is engaged (loyal and productive), 55% are not engaged …
  • Controlling Staff Attrition through Attachment – Leading Human Capital consulting firm Sork HC has developed an online 90 Day Post Induction Survey using PeoplePulse which measures the degree to which a new employee is bonded or “attached” to their organisation within their first 90 days of employment…
  • Staff Surveys – With staff attrition costs often cited as one of the major expenses of any business, pity the organisation that ignores the need to listen to their staff and collect regular staff feedback.
  • Training Needs Analysis Surveys – To most organisations, the benefits of investing in ongoing staff training are clear. They include process improvements,cost savings…
  • Exit Interview Surveys – Human resource (HR) departments typically conduct exit interview surveysto gather information from departing employees to help the company improve working conditions, retain existing employees and identify problem areas within the organisation..
  • Employee Opinion Surveys – Go Ask Your People – Even at 6:10 AM, I instantly recognized the top item in my in-basket as a customer survey from Marriott. A believer in and occasional practitioner of the ‘handle paper only once’ doctrine, I gave the form a quick second glance to …
  • Tips for Conducting More Effective Staff Surveys -Staff surveys that provide a thorough understanding of staff attitudes and perceptions are the first essential step for any organisation to develop strategies that improve staff motivation, reduce staff turnover and lead to better customer retention..
  • Employee Retention – Increasing Staff Retention Through Effective Feedback Processes – With high staff turnover rates costing organisations hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is no wonder that employee retention is imperative to the long-term success of any business.
  • Poll Results: HR Leaders – Their Key HR Focus For 2009-2010 In Their Own Words – Dealing with change and people transiting to the organisation from different cultures and organisations including adapting new vision, values as well as systems and processes with existing or non-existing processes …
  • Staff Induction Following Up On Your New Hires – Ever wonder what happens to the people you recruit after they begin their jobs? Strange as it may seem, most recruiters never actually follow up on the progress of their recruits on the job.
  • Exit Interviews – Enquiry page. PeoplePulse is an online survey tool tailor made for HR Departments to use for staff exit interviews.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys – The Ultimate Guide: Tips, Statistics, Research, & Videos. Everything you need to know about Employee Satisfaction Surveys (and more).
  • An Opportunity For Workplace Flexibility -There has never been a better time to implement workplace flexibility. In this economic climate, flexibility (e.g. reduced hours, sabbaticals and working from home) offers a smart way to reduce overheads and meet employee needs for great work-life balance.


Customer Feedback Research:

  • Lapsed Customer Research – 6 Key Findings – Many organisations have no idea how many customers they are losing each year … and it is probably more than they realise …
  • The Customer Complaint Iceberg – Stop! Before you dismiss last week’s customer complaint as unimportant, consider this: research by US firm TARP shows that for every 26 unhappy customers, only one will lodge a formal complaint with Management…


Improving Survey Effectiveness (Series):

Common Survey Pitfalls … And How To Avoid Them

  • Part 1: Poorly Produced Survey Invites And How To Do It Right – Unfortunately many of the survey invites that land in our inbox from various 3rd parties are very poorly constructed. Often it appears that a disproportionate amount of time has been spent developing the questionnaire, with the survey invite seemingly more of a last minute afterthought.
  • Part 2: Invite Timing Tips – What Time of Day and Day of the Week Works -Common sense tells us that when it comes to sending out survey invites, selecting the best day of the week and best time of day to send the invite can have a massive bearing on your response rates.
  • Part 3: Excessive Survey Length – 8 Tips To Help You Avoid – When it comes to optimal survey design, one of the common problems we observe at PeoplePulse is clients wanting to run excessively long surveys. We have had one client…
  • Part 4: Questionnaire Design – How To Ensure Your Reports Deliver What You Need – Ever heard the saying: ‘Start with the end in mind?’ Well it’s true in many areas of life and survey design is no exception…


Talent Recruitment Research:

  • Six Ways To Gather More Useful Feedback – Relying solely on consultants to collect customer feedback gives recruitment companies a skewed picture of how clients and candidates perceive them …
  • Essential Recruitment Branding Guidelines – The 10 Essential Recruitment Branding Guidelines contained within this document is vital reading for all Recruitment Agencies serious about improving the strength of their recruitment brand.
  • Job Applicant Feedback – Why Should You Care What Your Job Applicants Think –With the current skills shortage and unemployment rate sitting at 5% there is often fierce competition for highly qualified and skilled employees. With organisation professionalism being a top consideration for job applicants, it’s important that this is …
  • Recruitment Process Feedback – 9 Tips To Help You Get The Most From Your Feedback Process -When hiring new talent, it’s clear that the recruitment and on-boarding process can be a costly exercise if it goes wrong…
  • What Talent Wants, Talent Gets (Australian Study) – James Adonis – has recently completed a fascinating study using PeoplePulse called ‘What Talent Wants, Talent Gets’. The study is a look at what the top 10% of the workforce want at work and provides a number of useful insights to help you keep your staff engaged and ultimately retain their services.

Mobile Matters (Mobile Research Series):

1 in 4 surveys today are completed on a mobile device, so it’s time to start taking mobile research seriously. This series covers tips and best practice research to help ensure your mobile research projects shine:

  1. The Importance of Dynamic Design and Layout
  2. The Use Of Mobile Surveys For Lead Generation
  3. Five Key Drivers Underpinning The Rise Of Mobile Surveys
  4. Three Great Examples of Mobile Research in Action
  5. The Importance of Dynamic Question Types
  6. What is the optimal number of questions for a mobile survey?
  7. The Role of SMS Invites for Mobile Surveys
  8. Survey Invite Links – Is there an Optimal Length?
  9. The Case for Data Pre-Loading
  10. What is the right number of questions per page?
  11. Best Practice Visual Design for Mobile Surveys
  12. Why Button Size Matters When it Comes to Mobile Design
  13. Creating Subject Lines that Work for Mobile Survey Invites

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