What is Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)?

Positive, engaged employees promote sustained customer loyalty. Happy employees are enthusiastic about not only their job, but their company too. Like laughter, enthusiasm is contagious. Spy a grinning face and you can’t help but grin yourself. These employee ‘Promoters’ are not to be overlooked. They aid strong business performance because they provide a great customer experience and generate fresh, creative ideas for product, process and service improvements. And of course happy, engaged employees play a key role in the sustainment of satisfied customers.

eNPS explained:

Leaders realise the importance of earning the trust and commitment of their workforce, but how can they determine current employee engagement levels? And how can they improve them? Many believe the once-a-year paper survey just doesn’t cut it in today’s business environment and that a more regular measure is required. That’s where eNPS can play a role.

eNPS stands for ‘Employee Net Promoter Score’, a score calculated by asking one primary question which centres on an employee’s likelihood to recommend either the company’s products and services or the company itself as a great place to work. An open text field also then allows the employee to elaborate on the reasons for their answer. Respondent results can then be divided into three groups: promoters, passives and detractors. Early pioneers of the eNPS such as Apple, Rackspace and JetBlue use eNPS as the anonymous internal “heartbeat monitor” of their business.

When to use eNPS?

What differentiates eNPS from the traditional end-of-year company survey is its length, frequency and simplicity. Data is gathered continually and this feedback can be easily acted upon, rather than buried in a 100 page report! To ensure reception of a continuous stream of fresh data, companies survey their employees quarterly or sometimes on a staggered monthly basis.

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We lead increasingly busy lives, so the idea of sitting down and completing a lengthy survey doesn’t appeal to all. By contrast, eNPS surveys are concise and require you to answer two questions. That way, more regular pulse checks can be taken to track staff sentiment.

It’s easy to understand

In addition to brevity, eNPS wins with clarity. Scoring something between zero and ten is a practice we’re all familiar with. Companies needn’t issue a set of guidelines to aid completion of this survey. Likewise, management don’t need a complex algorithm to quickly determine current workforce sentiment and engagement levels.

It’s easy to follow up and action

The questions may seem simple, but they provide instant, current feedback to the company heads that have the power to make significant changes. Patterns are quickly evident, but given the immediacy of the eNPS system you can reach out to your employees directly and address problems raised, thereby helping turn previous company ‘Detractors’ and ‘Passives’ into company ‘Promoters’.

Who Uses eNPS?

Advocates of the eNPS system include Apple, Facebook, JetBlue and Rackspace, with many more commercial leaders hot on their heels. Companies such as Amazon and eBay have long been surveying the satisfaction of their customers, but noting the unquestionable success that Apple have achieved by using the eNPS system they too are turning their focus to their workforce and realising the strength of the connection between happy, dedicated employees and faithful, returning customers.

How Can eNPS Help Your Company?

Running frequent short surveys to determine your company’s eNPS allows you to quickly determine where you’re going right and where you’re going wrong. eNPS surveys are about more than just ticks and crosses. They enable a forward-thinking business to build a positive company culture in which each team member feels valued and listened to. This in turn helps pave the way for staff to deliver their highest quality work and help create happy customers who are likely to return and recommend your services or products to colleagues, family and friends.

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How NPS Correlates to Long-Term Revenue Growth:



Phillips Electronics tracked NPS for a sample of accounts over time and found that where NPS increased, revenue grew by 69%. Where it remained steady, revenue only grew by six percent. And where NPS declined, revenues actually decreased by 24%

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