Practical ideas and step-by-step guides on how to establish best-practice processes and get the most out of your surveys.

Each webinar is free to watch and includes a link to a ‘Digital Showbag’ – a collection useful resources such as process outlines and worksheets, quarterly/annual report templates, and sample invite content – all free to download and ready to use.

IN FOCUS: COVID-19, Remote Work and Flexibility

COVID-19 is undoubtedly the primary challenge facing HR and business leaders today. It has triggered inevitable changes in how we live and work. With this new reality and the rise of remote working, how can you best prepare and manage these changes with minimal disruption?

This webinar hosted by our parent company ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll addresses:

  • Workplace flexibility and managing a remote workforce
  • How to build the employee-employer bond in difficult times
  • Why it’s never been more important to “know the numbers” to report on HR initiatives and build a business case
  • How technology can support your organisation and its employees facing remote working conditions

POPULAR: Employee Experience & Engagement

The HR Experts Network “Employee Experience & Engagement” survey results are in, and they’re jam-packed with insights into HR trends and practices across A/NZ.

For example: 70% of respondents said they’ve started or are well into their Employee Experience (EX) journey, and have told us the specific results they’re trying to achieve … but how many are even measuring those results?

And what about Senior Leadership buy-in?

That’s why we’ve created this free webinar for HR professionals in A/NZ, so we can share and discuss the results, including:

  • How do you get started with EX?
  • How do you measure the impact of EX?
  • What are the “quick wins” that can get you some results early?
  • No time or no buy-in? What to do …
  • What are HR professionals across A/NZ are saying their biggest challenges, and most effective initiatives, are?

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