In COVID-19, Staff Surveys

Before COVID-19, the employer-employee relationship was amidst a transformation. Employees were dictating workplace practices and placing higher demands on employers, while employers were having to work harder to engage, attract and retain high-performers. Now, in these difficulty economic times where COVID-19 has forced businesses around the world to close their doors and stand down their employees, the power has shifted once more.

High-performers are critical to the success of a business in these unprecedented times, and employers must do all they can to ensure they are supported, engaged and productive. There is not a handbook for employers on managing crisis in relation to COVID-19, but something that should be at the top of the agenda is building employee engagement.

This is more important than ever before since many businesses have been mandating that employees work from home, and thus the “human” connection is lost. In a physical office a manager may be attuned to the satisfaction, productivity and engagement of his/her team, but when teams operate virtually engagement is harder to monitor. This is where survey software is a valuable tool. With restrictions now easing and some employees returning to their place of work, while others continue to work remotely (or a mix of both), it’s more valuable than ever.

But survey software alone isn’t the answer: you need to ensure that your survey programs are professionally designed and deployed, so that you’re getting the vital insights you need out of the feedback you’re collecting. The responses your employees provide can be a priceless source of insights, but most HR departments either don’t have the in-house skills and/or the capacity to identify and then report on them in a timely and meaningful manner. What’s more, making questionnaires anonymous, and partnering with an independent third-party provider such as PeoplePulse, can also aid more truthful feedback, while making your employee surveys a valuable communication and engagement-building tool in themselves.

The results can also aid other areas of organisational practices, including training and development opportunities. Having clear lines of progression as well as programmes in place to further your employees’ skills and knowledge can help you retain the best in your required field.

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