In Customer & Client Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

A recent customer satisfaction survey has revealed that clients often prefer the customer service efforts of small businesses over those of large business.

CreditDonkey is a credit card comparison and financial education website that recently used survey software to ask some important questions.

Out of seven survey questions, small businesses ranked higher than large ones on six of the questions, and it was a close call on the seventh.

So what is it that the Davids are doing so much better than the Goliaths of the business world?

An astounding 97 per cent of small businesses said thank you, compared to 81 per cent of large organisations, according to the CreditDonkey survey results, which would suggest that customers really do care a lot about the little things.

Small companies were better at following up with customers by more than twice what larger ones managed, with 68 per cent against a measly 30 per cent respectively.

The one thing that customers said that bigger places did better than smaller ones was asking for feedback, in which small businesses only did 65 per cent of the time, compared to 74 per cent of big business.

Survey results like this can be absolutely vital for companies to improve their service, as they can pinpoint anything from simple fixes to large holes in client care.

Asking the right questions is important however, as evidenced by the CreditDonkey survey, which also asked respondents to decide whether they would choose a lower price over better service – to which just over 52 per cent said they would.

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