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The benefit of online customer satisfaction surveys is that your business can turn raw data into valuable business intelligence.

The ability to collate information and generate reports in real time means you get an accurate up-to-date picture of what your customers think of your services.

This is the sort of knowledge that can help you tweak your customer service practices, marketing strategies and even your products.

After all, giving your clients what they want is much easier when they've told you – whether directly or indirectly.

And the message that a customer feedback survey sends to your clients is an invaluable one – you care about their experience.

In a marketplace saturated with companies providing similar services and products, standing out from the pack isn't just important, it's critical to your success.

Even as commerce is conducted more and more in online environments, offering an excellent customer experience continues to be a leading way to create loyalty among clients.

And with the advent of social media, the benefits don't just stop at loyalty.

The old adage that customers who have a good experience tell a few friends, but those who have a negative one tell all their friends has been slightly modified with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other platforms for mass exposure.

Businesses need to accept that whatever experience a customer now has when dealing with them, it will only take a few seconds for them to tell not just a few friends and acquaintances about it – but possibly hundreds of people, some of which they don't even know!

A customer service survey won't prevent this sort of thing happening, but it will provide an outlet for your clients to express their appreciation or their dissatisfaction, and giving your customers a voice is one of the best services you can provide them.

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