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If you run a small-to-medium business, you may want to learn which tools you can add to your arsenal to reduce the amount of time spent on administration and on making things work more efficiently.

Here are some of the technological weapons you could add to your arsenal to ensure things in your business continue to run smoothly.

Workforce planning

As your business grows it can be hard to monitor time and attendance rates of your employees. Using more old fashioned methods such as paper processes can be costly and take a large portion of your day to complete.

Instead, cloud-based technology can help your to manage peaks and troughs in production as well as aid you to improve scheduling.

Where appropriate, biometric technologies can also be used. This means the employee must be present to clock in for the day, which highlights those who are regularly tardy. 

Cloud based technology

Rather than printing out your documents and filing them physically, it is much less time consuming to have all of this information online.

This way you can easily share it with those who need to know and if you need to track down a certain paragraph or document, it is easily searchable.

These also reduce the margin of error as you only ever need to input data once. 

Staff survey

Asking your emplpoyees to provide you their feedback in the form of an engagement survey is a great way to canvas their feelings on specific issues at the same time and can indicate both problems your workforce is facing and opportunities to improve.

It can give staff the opportunity to voice their thoughts without fear of repercussion. This can save you time chasing up small things or trying to boost morale, as you will be given suggestions right from the source. 

If morale is boosted and staff are happy and motivated, they are likely to work harder and be more productive. This can save you needing to chase after them to complete certain projects.

To see how a staff questionnaire could save your business time, click here to try a free demonstration of a PeoplePulse survey.

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