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Transparency in the workplace no longer just refers to your room dividers.

Keeping everyone in the loop from the ground up is a good goal to strive for, as transparency will help to make your staff feel more involved in the culture and processes of your organisation, which means more engagement and more efficient employees.

This can be achieved through sharing plans for the future, goals and priorities. It means not only will your employees have a good grasp of the overall drivers of your company, they might actually be able to help you get there faster – especially if they feel they are trusted enough to be part of the plan, and therefore trusted enough to have their input listened to.

So is your workplace as transparent as it can be?

Without opening up your finance sheets for everyone to see, is there anything you could add people into the loop on, in return for a more engaged workplace culture?

Employee surveys can help you to decide if you need to be more open with your staff. You could also use online survey software to figure out what it is that you could be more open with, whether it's future plans and goals or new projects that the company is considering.

Social workplace performance website Work Simple outlined a simple set of rules to help organisations with their transparency.

Their tips are to create a personal goal tracker that everyone can see in order to share priorities and progress, to offer ways in which your teams can better collaborate and discuss projects, to open up as many communication channels as possible and to make feedback a regular occurrence.

An employee satisfaction survey can help you to determine if the measures you're taking in pursuit of transparency are hitting the mark.

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