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Once you decide that you want to do a customer service survey then it should be reasonably simple to figure out what you want to ask your clients.

There are however, a few simple tricks you can use to make the most of your survey software.

Start by deciding what you want from the survey. If you can focus all of your questions around one subject, such as a particular product or customer service facet, then you will get a much more in-depth review of the subject, rather than a broad and scattered review of several things.

While you're at it, remember not to ask anything you don't actually need the answer to. If it is irrelevant it can take the survey off the track you want it to be on which might confuse your customer.

Also, stick to open-ended questions. Instead of 'is' and 'are' type questions such as 'are our products performing the way you expected?', use words like 'how' and say 'how are our products performing compared to your expectations?'

Keeping it general this way invites more of a varied and informative response than a simple yes or no.

Another tip is to avoid double-barrelled questions like 'were our services fast and professional enough?' which can cause confusion with customers. Turn this into two separate questions and find out exactly which one hit the mark and which one didn't.

Once you've written your questionnaire, get someone from outside of your work to read it. This could be a partner or a neighbour, the fresh perspective will be able to spot any problems in wording or jargon that can be tweaked to ensure the survey reads clearly.

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