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Latest research shows that hiring patterns within the oil and gas sector are increasing throughout the world, including in Australia. Given the high costs of getting hiring wrong, making sure your onboarding process is effective is more important than ever.

"The job index, which charts the number of jobs posted on nine oil and gas job portals across the world, rose to a high of 1.65 in the first quarter of 2014, a substantial increase from the end of last quarter's index of 1.31 and on par with the year-on-year score of 1.68," according to the Hays Oil and Gas Global job Index.

Why is it important to run staff onboarding surveys?

A successful staff onboarding survey can help your business maintain a low staff turnover and result in higher employee satisfaction and productivity.

This is particularly important in the mining industry as businesses will need to focus on finding and retaining the right talent to drive business forward.

Competition for skilled staff is tough and there is increased demand for technicians as well as sales engineers who have plenty of technical knowledge.

A staff onboarding survey could help your business to gather the data required to improve your recruiting process.

It will also determine whether you have placed your candidate with the right manager and in the right position for their skillset to really shine.

Ensuring these qualities are met will help to improve staff retention rates, as your new employees will feel loved, valued and appreciated.

When should a staff onboarding survey be run?

Generally, it is best to run a staff onboarding survey within the first six weeks of employment so that you can gauge the effectiveness of your recruitment as well as your staff induction program.

Even in these early stages it will be possible to calculate the level of staff engagement. However, even if this is low a survey may indicate just what you can do to increase these levels.

Before you become inundated with new recruits, why not try an Australian-based survey for yourself?

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