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Retaining top talent is a task many businesses have to face – and it is especially important when your company is operating in a sector with a skills shortage.

Hays has identified a number of jobs that are currently in short supply, which will no doubt put increasing pressure on businesses to make sure staff don't stray to competitors.

Carrying out an employee satisfaction survey is a good way to gauge how happy staff are, before identifying any problems that may need to be resolved to keep them on board.

Among the jobs that are expected to be in high demand this year include business analysts, life insurance claims assessors and sales representatives.

Several sectors are currently experiencing a lack of qualified staff, including accountancy, insurance, sales and IT, which puts pressure on firms to keep their workers happy.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, explained there are plenty of job opportunities available for anyone who wants them.

"While the unemployment rate remains relatively flat at the moment, with expectations that it may edge up slightly by the middle of the year, skilled professionals in many key areas will still be needed," he commented,

Mr Deligiannis highlighted that non-mining sectors are now starting to thrive, but they will need highly skilled talent in order to succeed in the future.

Hays identified that businesses are increasingly looking for analysts with strong stakeholder engagement skills, who will be responsible for delivering process improvements and cost savings.

Further to this, organisations across the region will also be seeking people with management reporting skills who can help businesses grow and expand into new areas.

The group also noted the need for candidates with strong business development skills and expertise in analytics-based projects.

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