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Often certain behaviour can be spotted in dissatisfied employees – they're likely to be unmotivated and may have a less-than-sunny disposition.

Something else many employers are now having to look for in addition to these qualities is their staff's twitter feeds.

A number of employees have begun to voice their concerns or boredom at work by venting about their problems on social media.

They may not realise that this information is in the public domain and can be seen by the world at large – including you.

You may want to give the employee in question a warning about the behaviour, or if the tweet was particularly negative, or could even consider taking a tougher stance.

However, you may also want to question what you could do to prevent other employees from turning to Facebook and Twitter at the office – are they bored? Unhappy? Unmotivated? Is there something else behind the scenes?

One way to determine what frame of mind your staff are in is to do an employee satisfaction survey.

If this brings up examples of things you could improve, you may be able to make a few changes in the office in order to restore harmony and create a happy and healthy working environment for all.

It may be as simple as giving more responsibility or defining roles more clearly so all employees know what is covered by their job title and position.

A whole range of other issues may be revealed in the survey, and solving them could prevent a world of unnecessary bad publicity for your business.

It's not just you reading your employees' twitter accounts, but the entire world, including potential clients.

This makes it important to nip any social media problems in the bud by creating a positive workplace.

Try a custom-based employee satisfaction survey by PeoplePulse and see what you can uncover about your staff.

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