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It should come as no surprise that employee engagement can have a positive impact on every level of your organisation, but have you stopped to think about the specific benefits that engaged workers can bring to your company?

Research published in 2013 by Forrester's Sam Stearn revealed that companies that have higher levels of employee engagement also enjoy higher profit margins.

Through responses to customer survey questions, research has shown that organisations that place a strong emphasis on employee engagement also enjoy the highest scores when it comes to loyalty, customer satisfaction and the likelihood that the company will be recommended to others.

Stearn's report also showed that engaged employees are likely to be happier at work – and are therefore likely to remain in their roles for longer than those who are disengaged.

However, the Forrester research also revealed a disconnect between company goals to improve consumer engagement and the ability to follow through with individual teams.

Employee engagement stems from a variety of factors, including offering clear training and providing consistent, relevant rewards for delivering exceptional customer service.

While many organisations are aware of the risks involved with staff who are not engaged, one of the biggest challenges is to transform the corporate culture into one of "sustainable engagement."

Regularly checking in with employees, offering the right training and emphasising specific, desirable skills as part of the hiring process can all help get things off to a good start – and asking for honest feedback through customer service surveys can help you determine whether you are on the right track.

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