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Some skills are in higher demand than others across the country, which makes it more important than ever for bosses to give their staff the chance for progression.

A recent survey from McCrindle Research highlighted the most over and underrated degrees currently on offer in Australia – and also assessed the employment landscape as a whole.

The group found that as the number of degrees taken in Australia increases, the number of job opportunities available to them has fallen.

One in three people in their late-20s now holds a tertiary qualification, the survey showed, but based on current trends this could soon end up as high as one in two.

As a result, employers who want to ensure they recruit the best-qualified staff will need to do whatever they can to attract them – and keep them on board.

Completing a training needs analysis is a great place to start, as this will help establish how effective your current programs are and whether any amendments need to be made.

More people are showing a desire to learn on the job, so simply training people up properly is only the first step in allowing them to future-proof their careers.

McCrindle Research believes certain sectors will create jobs over the coming years, such as information technology, digital media and online education.

Any company that wants to get ahead of the game and recruit skilled individuals into these roles will therefore need to think outside the box and give them the training they need to succeed.

After all, if staff feel they could be doing better elsewhere, they are unlikely to hold back in switching to one of your competitors.

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