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Most businesses are aware of the importance of gathering feedback in order to strengthen and improve their current practises.

A staff survey is one important way you can determine just what your employees are feeling. It will highlight any areas that need improvement as well as those that are functioning exceptionally well.

This is a great way to encourage and motivate your staff and see if there are any improvements that can be made.

When deciding to go down the path of a questionnaire you may wonder whether to create anonymous surveys or ask staff to be associated with their answers.

Some companies decide to allow their employee satisfaction surveys to be answered anonymously in order to promote honesty.

The belief is that some employees are more likely to freely speak their minds if there is no fear of being reprimanded and will as a result give more candid answers.

In order to reap the benefits of honest survey answers, you must ensure that your staff are aware the survey is anonymous and design questions accordingly.

For example, if your workplace is dominated by men or women in particular, it might be best to forego the male or female question as this can unfairly highlight the smaller group.

Rather, you might be better to focus the survey questions on current issues or to discover how connected employees feel with the company and how likely they are to stick around.

Any changes you make to encourage employees to stay within the company will be good for business as they mean you are more likely to retain valuable staff who will be motivated and productive.

This can help you reach any targets you might have to fulfil the bottom line.

PeoplePulse can offer you a free custom-based demonstration. Give it a go and see how it has the potential to help your business grow.

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