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Do you believe ‘employee engagement’ means two of your staff have announced their impending nuptials? Don’t think it’s important for a productive workforce, or that it evenexists? Have a read of the following statistics from HR Monthly – these provide a compelling business case for employee engagement and the value of seeing how truly engaged your employees are with your organisation.

Towers Watson: Engaged organisations earnings-per-share growth rate of 28% compared to ann 11.2% decline for low engagement firms.

Hewitt: Highly engaged workforces are 78% more productive than those organisations with low levels.

Gallup: Lost productivity from disengaged employees is as much as $32 billion in Australia.

JC Penney: Stores with top-quartile engagement scores generate about 10% more in sales per square foot than average.

Commonwealth Bank: Higher employee engagement over four years led to increased customer satisfaction. Engaged employees have also attracted wealthier investors. Ralph Norris led actively by recognising and awarding achievements, and implementing a mentoring system – all factors correlating with high engagement.

Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation, and as such employee engagement, climate and/or pulse surveys are great ways to run an employee “health check”. Ask us about our range of employee engagement surveys today.


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