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It can be difficult to wade through the reasons why you might be losing customers – that is, if you manage to acquire this information in the first place.

Many businesses around the world are unaware of the number of customers they are losing each year, and therefore have no idea what changes they need to make in order to hold onto their valuable consumers.

This is why doing a lapsed customer feedback survey could be beneficial. For every one patron that complains, a whopping 26 others on average will remain silent. This makes the process of receiving feedback all the more important.

This way you can highlight the areas you need to change in order to hold onto those customers that might otherwise have been tempted to jump ship.

Plus, you could also learn about which aspects of your business are performing well and which areas need work.

When you undertake a survey such as this, it is important to question current, potential and past customers to get a broad outlook on your business' performance. Remember that  each respondent will have a different viewpoint and opinion so the more people you question, the more accurate the feedback.

This might be able to give you some hints about how to win back clients that have left, or ways you can encourage fence-dwellers to get on board, too.

Done properly, these surveys can help you to build a true relationship with your customers that can go a long way to fulfil their needs, build loyalty and create buzz around your company.

Happy clients bring with them positive referrals, which can help to build your business and increase profits

Remember, it is important to act on the information gleaned from your survey – put in place a plan to resolve the issues raised and try to reconnect with customers who say they are dissatisfied.

Getting a personalised contact after saying they were dissatisfied can go a long way to change the customer's opinions and can indicate your company cares and wants to act on their feedback.

Click here to read our infographic – 7 reasons to invest in lapsed customers.

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