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When it comes to keeping staff happy, motivated and productive, a good manager goes a long way.

Not only can he or she operate in a way that boosts morale, but they can also help to bring out the best in each employee.

Employee surveys can assist in finding out what staff members think needs improving, and a manager can then work to implement changes.

What will a good manager do in the workplace?

Managers don't just tell staff what to do and make sure they do it. They are completely essential to staff motivation, development and retention.

A successful manager will identify strengths and weaknesses within the team and work to bring out the most positive qualities and play on each worker's strong points.

They should be able to engage employees and see staff problem solving and development as one of their key duties.

If they can foster a supportive and open workplace environment, their staff will feel more comfortable raising issues, which means they can be solved more quickly.

A good manager will be in constant communication with staff members, discussing their current performance, areas in need of improvement and their overall career development.

A worker's relationship with their manager is key to retention, as conflicts and clashes are often one of the main reasons why a staff member will choose to move on.

It also helps for a manager to have an eye for talent and the ability to read people well, considering they usually have an active role in employee recruitment.

A clear vision of the company's goals and future is also vital to a manager's success, as their actions need to be in line with the business' master plan.

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