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How online surveys can help your business

Online surveys are an asset in workplace training needs analysis, helping you to understand your organisation's skills status and future training requirements.

Training staff is an important part of any business. The right kind of training can increase staff productivity and satisfaction, as well as facilitate cost savings, improve profitability and performance and encourage behavioural changes.

Your business' finances will reap the benefits, as will your staff morale, motivation, communication and more.

Staff turnover can be costly to an organisation, but with training needs analysis and support you can keep employees on board longer by keeping on top of their requirements.

How a staff skills audit can help you

Undertaking a staff skills audit through a training evaluation form and survey software will help you to achieve your company goals.

An annual or biannual audit of your staff and training will allow you to keep on top of any issues. You will gain vital quantitative data that will help you decipher where skills gaps lie in your company, so you can fill them and develop your business.

Online surveys can be more beneficial than paper-based surveys in a number of ways. You will have your results instantly and they will be available on secure, encrypted servers for anyone with authorisation around the world to see.

In addition to this, online surveys are time-saving and practically eliminate the  potential for human error, not to mention the savings they make you on data entry time and expense.  An online training needs analysis can cost up to 80 per cent less than the traditional paper model, and may also reduce decision making time by up to 90 per cent.

The online format also makes it easy to track trends and spot changes as your company has access to regular and precise data.

From these accurate and relevant staff skills audit results, you can create a staff training profile, implement a development training plan and evaluate its effectiveness quickly and simply. This will aid in improving your employee retention and staff satisfaction, helping you to reach your company objectives.

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