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These days, many businesses are using content marketing to add value to their offering and engage more easily with their client base.

In order to best make use of the content you are providing, a customer survey could come in handy. This way you can target your customers and provide them with the information they want, leaving them hooked and wanting more.

Here are some of the important questions to include in this kind of survey.


Want to appeal to certain niche markets? Make sure you ask your clients which groups they belong to. This provides you with more information so you can better target your audience and ensure you are hitting the mark.

For example, if you are working with client in the IT field you may be able to isolate people involved in security so they can receive the information they want and can more easily weed out data that does not apply to them.

Ask their opinion

Questioning them about their buying habits is a great way to learn about what makes them tick and might give you an indication of how you can best market to them.

For instance, if they have recently bought business software, it's likely they could be interested in articles that pertain to this industry, such as how to keep business computers secure or how to IT support.

Plus, you may be able to see areas where you can improve your service and encourage them to look at purchasing further goods and services from your company.

Request permission

Before going ahead with information that requires their consent, it is essential to ask for permission to use the data you've obtained. Make sure all your customers consent to having their responses used for articles.

These are some great stepping stones to have you creating quality content, improving your brand and enlarging your customer base.

To see this work in practice, consider undertaking a customer survey – PeoplePulse offer a free demonstration of their service so you can get an appreciation for how it works.

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