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A huge part of running a business is making sure that your staff are well trained, so that they can perform their tasks at the highest and most efficient level possible.

However, gaps in training can sometimes occur even with the best of intentions. Every staff member is slightly different and will learn or be trained in a slightly varied way, perhaps by more than one person.

Because of this, training can end up being inconsistent across the board and this can result in a loss of productivity and coherency.

Discover the gaps in your staff training

This is where a 'training needs analysis' survey comes in. Design a questionnaire for your staff to complete, where they can provide feedback on which areas of their training have been effective, and which areas need further improvement.

To take this concept further it can also be a good idea to request feedback straight after a particular training session has been completed.

For instance, if a group of staff members have just participated in a day-long workshop on a certain topic, supply them with a training evaluation form immediately afterwards.

At this point, everything will still be fresh in your employees' minds so they are in the best position to provide useful feedback.

It's a good idea to enquire about how thorough the participants felt the training was, and how confident they now feel about the content.

Did they feel supported through the process, and did they have ample opportunities to ask questions? Did they feel that there was anything missing from the training's content?

Once you've learned the answers to these questions, you can then focus on filling the gaps in knowledge that might be present and your staff can get to work.

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