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To be successful over the long-term, any new strategies that organisations implement to improve employee engagement must be consistent.

This is the result of a case study carried out at Morrison Management specialists – a division of Compass Group – and reported by Talent Management. During an annual employee engagement survey, the organisation – which employs more than 20,000 people – learned that by making improvements to employee engagement and retention, productivity could increase and Morrison would be better able to achieve its growth objectives.

However, these engagement strategies needed to go above and beyond traditional workshops and seminars. With thousands of employees to target, significant changes needed to be made to the company's culture.

Fortunately, thanks to the insight provided by its employees, Morrison was able to deliver a comprehensive retention and engagement strategy to more than 6,000 leaders, as well as a more focused coaching operation for 100 of its key managers and members of the leadership team.

As a result, employee engagement improved, while employee turnover was reduced.

The Morrisons example showcases the importance of listening to the ideas and opinions that employees bring to the table, as well as the positive changes that can result when data from employee engagement surveys is applied in a practical, productive way.

Feature-rich survey software from PeoplePulse can help you collect relevant, timely feedback that can provide you with invaluable insight into employee engagement.

This data can then be applied to create solutions that work for your organisation – improving staff engagement and your company's bottom line.

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