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Everyone knows that engaged, happy employees form the basis of any successful consumer-facing company – but employee engagement is sometimes a difficult thing to define and assess.

If you are wondering whether more can be done to improve employee engagement at your organisation, a good first step in the process is to take stock of your current situation.

According to Forrester's Sam Stern, the path to better employee engagement starts with a strong plan. If your organisation isn't using employee surveys already, this is a good place to start.

The right data, he wrote in an August 2013 report, can be instrumental in determining current levels of employee engagement, which can help you formulate a plan to move forward.

Once you have identified the gaps in your organisation's employee engagement, proactive changes can be made. These changes may include providing further training where it is needed, or setting more specific and ambitious goals for the quality of customer service you are keen to provide.

If necessary, training programs for new hires can be modified to become better aligned with these goals, and ongoing communication between management and employees can help to improve engagement. You can use employee surveys to assess this process at every stage – and identify where further training or better communication can help.

Stern also noted that one key characteristic of engaged workers is the level of empowerment they feel on the job. Determining ways to give your staff members more autonomy in terms of decision-making at work can improve their job satisfaction – and in turn can boost employee engagement.

Of course, no changes can be made without the right information to kick off the process, which is why survey software can be such an important investment at your company.

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