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A common issue for many companies is that they offer an array of products, but their current clients aren't aware of them.

Marketing your new or unknown products and services to your existing customers is a good way to increase revenue, as that group are already aware of the quality and value you offer.

Essentially, since you have already established that trust, they will be more willing to try out the other products in your range.

The only issue is, do your customers even know those products exist?

It can be easy to miss the announcement of a new product or service on offer, so conducting a customer feedback survey could be a great way to find out how much work you have to do to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge they need.

Using survey software to find out these kinds of results will not only arm you with useful information that can improve your revenues, it will also start to chip away at any work that needs to be done in order to raise awareness of your entire product range.

For example, if a business primarily sold cookbooks but wanted to know if their current customer base was aware of their range of cooking gear, such as baking trays and measuring cups, they might ask a question like 'Did you know company X also has all the equipment you need to make your favourite recipes?'

This will bring about a response from their survey group, as well as opening up space for dialogue about the range of cooking gear available.

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