Webinar: Onboarding Surveys

How to Create a First Class 3-Phase Staff Onboarding Feedback Process





Did you know? An astounding 1 in 3 of your new employees will actively start to look for a new job within the first six months of tenure.


Among millennials the percentage is even higher.* Given the high cost of re-recruiting for these roles, not to mention the negative impact on staff morale, it’s crucial to ensure your staff onboarding process is hitting the mark.


That’s why we’re inviting you to a free online training session where we’ll be covering best practices for creating a first class staff onboarding feedback system:


  • The 3 key stages your new hires go through, and how to collect actionable feedback at each step
  • A sample of the key questions to focus on within each stage of the onboarding process
  • The best approach to incorporate Manager feedback into the Onboarding Process
  • Our proven and tested 12-step process for onboarding feedback best practice
  • How to easily identify events that require your immediate attention before it’s too late
  • Practical examples of the best and fastest way to share actionable onboarding insights with your management team.


Bonus: at the conclusion of the session all attendees will receive a free ‘Showbag’ of useful Onboarding Survey resources and templates to help ensure your new hire survey process stays on track.


The webinar is run by:


Paul Quinn
Founder, PeoplePulse


and facilitated by:


Lewina Maniarpillai
Reporting Insights Manager, PeoplePulse

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