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The Exit Practices Report – What’s Inside?


  • A/NZ turnover rates – how do yours compare?
  • The types of systems in place – who’s doing what?
  • The strategic importance of reducing staff turnover.
  • Quality of insights – opportunities you might be missing.
  • How much is your turnover costing … and do you care?


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Bonus: Exit Survey Webinar

How to Create a First Class Staff Exit Feedback Process


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Watch this free 50min training session to learn:


  • Our proven and tested 12-step process for exit interview best practice.
  • Effective tips to keep your exit questionnaire short, and your response rates high.
  • Practical ways to help ensure you uncover the ‘real’ reason why staff are leaving.
  • How to easily identify events that require immediate attention post interview.
  • A great tip to save time when analysing open text comments.
  • The best and fastest way to share actionable insights with your management team.

Plus at the conclusion of the session all attendees will receive a free ‘Showbag’ of useful exit survey resources and templates to help ensure your exit survey process stays on track.

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