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Have you ever been offered, as a staff member, to complete an employee survey for your company? Did you ever feel apprehensive of writing down your true thoughts or feelings, even if it happened to be anonymous?

Don't be afraid of completing your survey honestly, so long as you do so in a constructive way. Here are the reasons why it can pay to speak your mind.

Building a company culture of feedback

If companies initiate programs to gain staff feedback and point of view but receive lacklustre feedback, they may get the impression that things are perfect the way that they are, or that staff do not have any cares or concerns. It might cause a company to get complacent and gauge the feelings of staff less often, taking away some of your voice. This can backfire on as, when you really do have a serious concern, it might be harder for you to voice it.

Encouraging improvements

Even if you are happy with your place of work, there are always improvements that can be made. Why not make conditions better for yourself if you possibly can? You never know if the company might take them on board. As a bonus, if you suggest a really great idea and choose not to be anonymous, you might end up earning yourself some brownie points.

Workplace benefits and incentives

If enough people are calling for greater employee benefits or perks, these changes can really come about. Perhaps you would like more flexible working hours, or a bonus scheme to work towards. If you don't suggest it, it's unlikely to come to fruition. Imagine the perks that you might be entitled to if your management chooses to take your idea on board. Employee massages, travel incentives and cash bonuses, anyone? We thought so.

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