In Staff Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

Everyone has heard of the aloof type of boss – the one that spends all day on the top floor of the building, behind their office door, completely unapproachable and distant from their staff.

So what? Being an executive demands a certain amount of isolation in order to be able to make decisions on behalf of a company.

It's true that if you get too lost in all the little details then you can have a harder time getting a good handle on the bigger picture.

Yet we intuitively know that shutting yourself away from your staff cannot be good policy.

How do you find a balance between being constantly available and engaged and being able to pursue the things you need to do as leader of a business?

There are some strategies that can help you achieve this balance, and one of the most important is regular employee surveys to gather staff feedback.

Here are some of the reasons why feedback should matter to your business.

You'll get a new perspective

Having seen things from the top, it can only be good to have a good look at your business from the perspective of your employees.

What are their concerns, how do they feel about where the company is heading, and do they have the support they require?

You can make your own judgements on these points, yet until you actually sound out your staff for their unique perspective, you are dealing with speculation, no matter how well reasoned.

You'll fix problems quickly

Regular feedback can help you to identify small issues before they become big problems.

This is particularly the case with employee grievances which can result in someone leaving your company if they aren't identified and dealt with in time.

You'll generate healthy communication

An employee satisfaction survey can play an integral role in establishing a strong and constructive dialogue between management and their staff.

For staff to be engaged it really helps to give them a voice and show that they are being heard. Regular feedback surveys can show them that their satisfaction is important to the company and that management are receptive to their opinions.

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