In Staff Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

Let's have a look at a couple more reasons why staff engagement should be a priority in your organisation.

Your staff have options

No matter how great you consider your business as a place to work, it is important to remember that your staff – unless they are extremely specialised – have other workplace options.

Sure, at the recruitment stage, the business has all the power and can choose from the best candidates. This doesn't change the fact that staff are still in effect choosing your company.

And their cumulative experience over time will determine whether or not they continue to choose your company.

Small and large things can affect their engagement levels – management technique, relationships with colleagues, remuneration, benefits and recognition among them.

Engagement = productivity

An engaged workforce is one that is happy, supported and empowered. It is composed of staff members who don't see themselves as individuals competing for attention but as integral members of a team working towards the organisation's goals.

A team like that will work well together and be much more productive than one that feels less satisfied, insufficiently supported and disconnected from management and other staff.

By creating a positive environment of two-way communication, it is possible to reap the great productivity benefits of an engaged and enthusiastic workforce.

Your staff deserve a voice

Staff engagement surveys don't just tell you what your staff are thinking, they tell your staff something too – that you care about their perspective.

By giving them the opportunity to voice their opinion you are involving them even more closely in your company's development, and your company in their development.

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