In Why Feedback Matters

Whether you are writing a survey designed to find out how well your training sessions are working or finding out which factors are keeping your customers loyal, it is important to ensure you are using the data.

These surveys can provide you with valuable information, as respondents in employee surveys and customer questionnaires will be able to give you the rundown on which aspects of your business are working, and which need improvement.

So, why is it important to do something with the feedback?

In terms of employee feedback, the act of making changes can go a long way to encourage happiness amongst your staff. If they feel they are being listened to, they are more likely to feel valued in the workplace.

Valued staff are more productive and less likely to leave your business in search of greener pastures.

Plus, it reduces the need to train new staff, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Not only that, it can help to increase the bottom line of your company. Staff who feel more valued are more likely to be motivated to succeed that in turn means they will be more productive.

The same theory goes for customers, who are more likely to develop brand loyalty with a company they believe has their best interests at heart and is willing to listen to their suggestions.

These satisfied customers may even spend more and are more likely to recommend your products and services to friends, repeating the cycle.

Acting on suggestions from customer satisfaction surveys is a great way to tap into customers desires and can fuel the creation of innovation as you produce goods and services created to fulfil your customers' needs and wants.

If data from a well-designed survey is used effectively, it can achieve huge strides in customer retention, profitability and brand loyalty.

To see what kind of responses your business could do well to act on, why not consider doing a free custom-based demonstration PeoplePulse survey?

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