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Businesses have relied upon the trusted word-of-mouth marketing scheme for hundreds – if not thousands – of years. However, you may wonder how relevant this is in the Internet age.

Here are some great reasons why this should still be a key area of focus in your marketing strategy and how you can improve this.

Work out why you stand out

The easiest way to ensure your business' word-of-mouth marketing strategy is strong is to discover the advantages you offer.

If you specialise in a particular area, whether it be tax law or IT security, focus on that and communicate this on your website.

You may want to consider creating a blog to really demonstrate your ability as a thought leader in the area. 

Broaden your customer base

Have you ever visited a restaurant or cafe specifically on the recommendation of a friend or loved one?

This is word-of-mouth marketing at its core. Essentially, people may feel more motivated to try a new business if they have heard positive things about it.

Talk to influencers

Speaking to journalists and other thought leaders in your community is a great way to improve your word-of-mouth marketing strategy as these people may pass on the message about the products and services your business offers.

Often this group can easily reach your target demographic, giving you access to a key audience of people with minimal effort. 

Improve your customer service

While some businesses rely on viral campaigns and clever marketing schemes to get people talking, one of the best ways to boost the amount of time people spend discussing your products and services is by providing top notch customer service every day.

A fantastic way to gauge how your clientele feel about your level of customer service is by running a customer satisfaction survey

This can highlight areas where you need to improve, and your customers, after all, are in the best possible location to suggest possible improvements.

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