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Once you have emailed out your customer satisfaction survey you may think your job is done.

However, this is not the end of the process you should really be following. It is important to acknowledge your customers' response.

One easy way to do this is by sending a follow up email telling them you appreciate the time they spent answering your questions and assure them that their answers are valuable to you.

If you plan to make any changes to your business as a result of the survey, it wouldn't go astray to let customers know what is being changed.

Make sure you finish strong. A positive ending could swing customers and make them value your service and company more than if you left it as is.

Let your thank you email also link back to the reasons for undertaking the study as this can give customers something tangible to take away as a message.

Often your survey feedback will be worthless unless action is taken after the replies have been received.

This is particularly important if the feedback you've received has been negative.

Sometimes it could be worth picking up the phone and giving customers a ring. This direct conversation might yield more results than an email.

This is a more personal way to connect with customers, and could make them see that the company genuinely cares about their response and is dedicated to changing their procedures to incorporate their feedback.

Another behaviour to begin after the survey has been completed is to let staff know what the results of the questionnaire revealed.

You could even include verbatim comments if you think it could have a real impact on staff's behaviour.

If you are curious to see an example of one of these surveys, you could try a free custom-based demonstration of Peoplepulse.

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