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Attracting, hiring and maintaining staff can be one of the toughest parts of being in charge.

When you're the one calling the shots you are more responsible than you ever were when someone else had the big office.

And keeping staff is now harder than ever before.

A staff tenure summary from the United States last year found that the usual time the average employee had been with their current employer was just 4.6 years, which could suggest that the old trend of staying with the same employer for a lifetime is on the decline.

Most of the employees who were in their jobs for the shortest amount of time were primarily younger workers who had recently started a new job.

However, within the private sector the highest median tenure was still just six years.

In an article on Forbes' website earlier this year, five reasons were outlined as to why employees might be considering leaving their job.

They were focussed on why someone might go hunting for a new job in the search for greener pastures, particularly, the list suggested that this would be to find better job stability, compensation, respect, health benefits and a better work-life balance.

Do you know why your staff are leaving your organisation? With the high costs of associated with staff turnover, perhaps it’s time you found out.  PeoplePulse’s popular Exit Interview solution helps to gauge the mood of your departing staff and identifies detachment drivers to assist you in developing measures to reduce staff turnover rates.

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