In Customer & Client Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

There are many reasons a business could give for not yet seeking feedback from its customers.

Many may not see the value of doing so or might lament the time and resources needed to conduct surveys and then analyse the data.

These companies may want to examine their motives and pose the question: are we scared of getting negative feedback?

Challenge instincts

The self-preservationist streak in all of us seeks to protect us from harm and humiliation, and it is the same for businesses.

This instinct leads us to disable comments on YouTube videos we post, to restrict access to the company Facebook page, or to respond to customer complaints from a shared inbox.

Yet there comes a point where some instincts can stop serving us and start hurting us.

This is the case if an aversion to negative feedback is stopping your business from seeking customer responses at all.

The value of all feedback

Just because you don't hear negative feedback doesn't mean that the issues causing it aren't a problem for your business.

In fact, turning a blind eye to your customers' concerns and point of view could be doing irreparable damage that could easily be fixed by opening up dialogue with them.

The best way to handle customers who aren't satisfied is to acknowledge there is a problem and then work to find a solution – either on a case-by-case basis or through systemic change to your business.

When you start to see negative feedback as an opportunity to locate where you need to make improvements, any anxiety about receiving it should subside.

Make feedback integral

A customer feedback survey, when implemented on a regular basis, can give your business a vital outside perspective on its operations.

Far from being something to be scared of, customer feedback should be embraced for what it is: a gold mine of business intelligence.

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