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Which of your employees are the most engaged and likely to stick around, increasing productivity and generally helping you your business to improve in all areas?

To find this out, you may want to include a few questions about their age and personal lives to see if any trends can be spotted in an employment survey.

Corporate Leadership undertook a employee engagement workforce study to see if any such trends could be spotted.

They examined the differences between generation X, single parents and "overworked" managers to see which of these groups in the population is the most and least committed to their companies.

It found employees under the age of 40 had a 10.6 per cent chance of being "highly committed" compared to 11.7 per cent of those above this age range.

There is also a different between engagement for parents and singles without children. Around 10.8 per cent of parents who have three children can be described as "highly committed" be compared to 11.4 per cent of childless singles.

Managers who clock up over 60 hours in the office are more likely to be less committed, with 10.8 per cent falling into the lowest commitment levels group. In comparison, 9.9 per cent of managers who spend less than 60 hours at work are amongst the lowest committed.

The satisfaction questionnaire found the job with the highest commitment levels was in sales functions and the career with the lowest level of employee engagement was in the telecommunications sector. In this industry, a total of 13.3 per cent were found to be highly uncommitted.

Highly committed employees can be a great asset to your business, as they are more likely to be enthusiastic about performing their duties, help others around the office and have a much higher retention rate than other employees.

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