In Why Feedback Matters

In trying to create a top-notch business model you may wonder just who should come first: Your customers or your employees?

What you may not be aware of is that you can improve the morale of both groups by creating engaged and happy employees.

Satisfied staff are more likely to deliver better service to customers, which in turn may lead them to refer other friends and family, creating a snowball effect that only benefits your business.

These customers are more likely to be loyal to your company, which only increases your profitability at the end of the day.

It is after all, these staff that are at the front line of your business, as they can help to meet customer expectations, resolve problems and help to create an opinion about the business in the mind of your clientele.

So, how can an employee survey aid you in this process?

Canvassing the opinions of your staff will help you determine what is working well and making your staff stay on and engage with the business.

Not only that, but these frontline staff may also be able to give useful opinions suggesting changes that could benefit the company.

A survey provides them with the tool required to express their opinions and share ideas confidentially.

They are often privy to the ideas expressed by customers, too. This means they have a foot on either side and may be aware of issues that management are not in a place to recognise.

These surveys should be run regularly, somewhere between every 12 – 24 months in order to gauge how any changes are working, and to see if there have been any more developments.

To see just how an all-reaching, staff engagement survey could benefit your business, try a free demonstration of an Australian-made survey tool.

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