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The results of our Cupcake Culture survey from the Australasian Talent Conference are in! We asked delegates “Which of the following cupcake flavours best describes your organisation’s workplace culture?” and – cue drum roll – the results are…


Which flavour best describes your organisation's workplace culture?

So what does each flavour mean?

Cookies and Cream: A culturally diverse organisation where a sweet mix of talents work incredibly well together.
Chocolate: An Employer of Choice; everyone loves working here  … or wants to work here.
Lemon: A bittersweet place to be, it has its good and bad points.
Passionfruit: Passionate employees are the seeds that make this organisation grow and thrive!
Strawberry: Normally a sweet place to be … but in a bit of a jam at the moment.
Caramel: Sticky situations often arise due to over indulgence in office politics in this workplace.

Let us know which cupcake flavour best describes YOUR organisation’s workplace culture – leave a comment below!

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