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Most businesses know that customer satisfaction is key to a successful and prosperous enterprise.

This year, it looks like things are going well for overall customer contentment with Zendesk – a customer service provider – who reported that after a year of decline in consumer satisfaction, it's once again on the up. According to Zendesk in the second quarter of this year, customer satisfaction measured by the Zendesk Benchmark reached 81 per cent. That's an increase of 3 per cent from the previous quarter.

In terms of customer satisfaction overall, the Kiwis came out on top for the most satisfied nation, and just beat the Aussies with a 92 per cent rate, compared to Australia's third place at 89 per cent. Canada squeezed in second place with 91 per cent.

The worst countries for customer satisfaction were the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Turkey.

As well as this, industries that usually don't too well in the satisfaction stakes such as insurance and financial services actually performed better this quarter. Education, IT services and consultancy as well as real estate performed the best in terms of satisfaction, with industries relating to the media and entertainment faring the worst.

Think about your own company. Is it based in Australia, or does it have an international breadth? What kind of industry are you operating in – is it one of the popular ones reflected in this survey, or are you operating in the less popular media or entertainment sector?

There are many ways in which you can improve your company's customer outcomes so that your consumers leave happy with your products or services. One of the steps you can take is to introduce customer satisfaction surveys to your clientele, asking pertinent questions which will really help to identify where you're going right and wrong in your service, so that you can work to improve the customer's experience. Consequently, if customers are happy with your company, it is likely to become more prosperous and financially successful.

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