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Organisations that are ahead of the bell curve when it comes to fostering and encouraging innovative practices know it can be a secret weapon to help them save both time and money, and stay ahead of the competition.

So, what is innovation?

It is the changing or creation of more effective processes, products and ideas, according to the Australian Department of Business.

Businesses that innovate generally have better productivity and performance as well as more efficient workplaces.

This could be a matter of improving business models, internal processes or simply working to create improved customer experiences.

Innovation can help to keep customers happy and engaged with your product and services.

It doesn't necessarily have to be big sweeping changes either, but could be small twists to make your products more accessible and to improve existing items for customers that you already have.

While you might think innovation comes from the top, it might be surprising to learn that your customers can also play a key role in this kind of development.

in fact, by allowing you clients to inform you about the types of products they desire, you can be sure there will be a market for these items already.

This means that these great ideas will not go to waste, or risk creating a loss for your company, as they are guaranteed to already be solving a problem you know your customers have.

It is easy to empower your customers to inform you about their wants. All you need to do is include a few key questions in your next customer satisfaction survey.

Even if customers only explain the areas in which they are not satisfied, it may be enough for your employees to think up some creative solutions to these issues. This is innovation at its finest.

Why not try a free demonstration of an Australian-made survey today and learn just how your customers can help you to improve?

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