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So you've got your online survey software and have designed an amazing customer satisfaction survey to go with it.

Now all that's left to do is click the send button. But when?

There are various schools of thought about the best time to send out a survey in order to get the largest amount of responses possible.

Is it a Monday morning, Wednesday night or Saturday afternoon? Luckily, there has been some research into the time slots where your chances of being read and responded to are increased.

PeoplePulse conducted some of its own research and found that Monday and Wednesday were the days on which surveys received the most responses.

In one four-week-long survey, over 55.6 of all responses were received on a Wednesday.

Another ongoing survey saw 26.7 per cent of responses received on a Monday and 26 per cent on a Wednesday.

In a two-week-long survey, 54.59 per cent of respondents replied on a Monday.

In addition to this, it's important to note these successful surveys were sent out on those days and in many cases, if the survey was running for a period of a week or more, a reminder would be sent out on the following corresponding day.

These days, while it can seem like people are attached to their email inboxes 24/7, more people actually open up their emails during the day than at night, so a daytime survey is usually more effective in garnering responses.

Unsurprisingly, people are also less likely to check their emails or respond during weekends, so weekdays are usually the go-to for survey send-outs.

Take a look at your own company practices and see if there's any way you can optimise responses to your surveys.

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