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We are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact technology and other innovations have on workplaces throughout the world, but it is not only young start ups that can benefit from this changing landscape.

An effective way to ensure that your company stays up to date with the latest in workforce requirements is through using employee surveys that can offer insight into a range of opinions, including working conditions.

A leading industry figure, Google CEO Larry Page, claims that the future workplace will see an increase in the number of part time employees.

The need for more drastic changes in current work conditions has also been reinforced by software entrepreneur Jason Fried, who believes remote working is the way forward, as he detailed in his recent book Remote: Office Not Required.

In an increasingly competitive market, it is likely organisations will make cuts to employee perk packages in a bid to slash costs and improve product margins.

While this may improve figures, such measures do not go directly to the source of employee issues, which could be better approached through identifying and understanding the key elements of the workplace that staff themselves wish to see changed, or remain the same.

A recent study by Stanford University used random assignment to organise employees from the same call centre in China into two groups: those who could work from home, and those who need to work in the office. The results showed the first group had a 13 per cent increase in productivity rates and overall performance.

This suggests giving workers more freedom and flexibility in their working styles is not only positive for staff but also for business operations. This information can also be effectively collected through anonymous online surveys.

How often does your company consult with its employees regarding strategic decisions and business practice? Request a free demonstration to find out how your organisation could benefit from the results of online surveying to keep up with changing workplace trends.

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