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Getting someone to purchase your products should be seen as a small victory as well as a chance to further build your base of loyal customers.

The sale provides you with the perfect opportunity to enhance the customer's positive experience and to give them the opportunity to provide your business the word-of-mouth feedback after the transaction.

Here are some tips to help your customers – whether they be individual consumers or other businesses – feel satisfied in the post-purchase phase.

Justify their purchase

You might be familiar with the idea of social proof from a sales perspective, but this is also an important tool to have in your arsenal after the purchase has gone through.

Many customers will have to rationalise their spending. So, make sure you arm them the knowledge that will let them justify their purchase to their boss or partner.

It might be as simple as giving them a guarantee that the product has a low return rate, or you could show testimonials from other people or companies.

Offer free product training and support

There is nothing more frustrating than owning a brand new product yet being unable to switch it on. Offering detailed and free training will ensure the customers' self-doubt about working a complicated product is alleviated – what a great way to win their loyalty!

Encourage reviews

Many people look at reviews posted online before deciding whether to purchase a product. In fact, this "earned social media" is often more relied upon than updates posted by the company itself when it comes to decision-making.

See if you can encourage favourable mentions from real users and remember to target your social media accounts to encourage your current customers rather than trying to reel in new ones.

Customer satisfaction survey

Allow the customer plenty of time to receive their product and have a play with it before you send out a questionnaire asking how satisfied they were with the product, service and purchasing experience.

This can help you see any small areas where you might need to make some small improvements to maintain current customers. 

To try a free Australian-built online survey tool to help you collate that vital information, click here.

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