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You may be aware that pipe logic can be used to create better and more effective surveys, but just what is this tool and and what is its purpose?

Pipe logic, or piping, is where the answer to one question will directly lead you to the next question. Confused? Here's an example.

Say question one asks which service you recently organised with your bank. You may then be able to choose a service from a drop down box. Let's speculate that you select credit card. Question two may then ask you how satisfied with your credit card you are.

Piping is where the answer you select in question one will help to frame the next question. Your response is 'piped' down to generate the next field.

What are the advantages of piping?

If you are undertaking a customer service survey, pipe logic will allow you to personalise the service, which could help you to increase the response rate.

The more responses you have, the more accurate the data you will receive will be, as the margin of error decreases when the survey numbers increase.

Pipe logic may also help to eliminate survey bias as it protects against people taking the survey more than once. It also means people may not switch off and so your rates of completion should increase, as they do not need to skip around the page looking for relevant questions.

If you utilise 'show hide' logic you can taper your questions to the audience by hiding irrelevant queries, making it faster and more enjoyable for them to complete your questionnaire.

When people believe the questions are pertinent to their individual situation, they may also be more inclined to give longer or more thoughtful responses. 

This means your business may get better feedback from your customer survey questions, which can only help you to strengthen your business and improve your appeal to both current and potential customers.

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