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Within your business or organisation, it can be hard to get to know all of your staff, and to really discover what their strengths and weaknesses are.

A lack of time as well as a significant number of employees can mean that managers are not as in tune with their staff as they could be. That means sometimes as an organisation you might overlook some potentially impressive staff skills.

HC Online, Australia's senior human resource professional magazine, wrote on July 23 that business owners should closely examine their current workforce as they may be sitting on a "goldmine of talent waiting to be unleashed."

Discovering undiscovered talents and skills among your existing workforce can be a way to boost productivity and cut costs, by doing more with what you already have.

Employee surveys can be a useful way of finding out the gems hidden amongst your staff. In a survey, ask your staff to identify their skillsets. Inquire as to what skills they have and ask if they think they are being put to use in their current position, or how they could be better utilised.

You can only gain from finding out the hidden skills of some of your staff. A staff member whose talents are duly identified and put to use is likely to feel more appreciated and satisfied in the workplace. This can improve levels of productivity, which may lead on to financial gain for your company.

Empower your employees to assert their talents through a skillset survey. Once you identify the secret skills that lurk in your office then you are in a  prime position to put them to good use and everyone will reap the benefits.

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